Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser (Low Level Light) therapy has been around for many years but only for the past few years have there been units available for small office use.

Cold lasers are healing lasers.  These lasers are designed to actually encourage your cells to function the way they were normally created to function by returning them back to what we call “homeostasis” or “normal”.

The lasers work off of frequencies.  Frequencies are like very small vibrations, some so small (like with the laser) that you can’t even feel or see them.  Set to specific frequencies to correspond with different tissues in the human body (organs, skin, cartilage, etc) the laser frequencies penetrate through the tissue and work on a cellular level to help that particular cell do its job better.

  • decreasing inflammation
  • reversing scar tissue
  • decreasing pain
  • burn repair
  • much much more

We’ve seen dramatic results with extremity injuries (shoulders, knees, etc), post surgical healing (abdominal surgeries, c-sections, knee replacements, shoulder repair, brain surgery..) and pain reduction that is due to inflammation like neck spasms or hot low backs.

We incorporate cold laser therapy with almost every single treatment we do in our office because it speeds up the healing process so much.

The great thing about the laser is that you don’t feel a thing while it is working on you so anyone can use it!  If you feel like you or someone you love would benefit from the laser, contact our office.

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