We incorporate several different therapies as we work to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness for them and for their families.

Therapies Provided

Each of these therapies are incredible when used alone, but we combine different therapies depending on the patient’s needs to achieve the best results for them.

During the initial visit in our clinic, our doctors perform a thorough exam (including neurological, orthopedic, range of motion, radiological (if necessary), and will sit down with you to discuss your symptoms, lifestyle and different contributing factors to be able to accurately ascertain what the best course of action is to help you in your recovery. Our goal is YOUR wellness!!  You can be assured that your plan will be tailor fit for you and your family and their different needs.

If you feel like you or someone you love would benefit from sitting down with one of our doctors to discuss what might be done to help you, give our friendly staff a call.

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